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MAC III | 01.16.16

Patrick Madrid: Search & Rescue: How YOU can help people come home to the Catholic Church. Patrick shares the “Do’s & Don'ts” when sharing & defending our faith.

Ken Hensley: Sola Scriptura: Can your faith be based on the Bible alone? Ken explains the crux of why there are so many competing church denominations.

Steve Ray: Swimming Upstream: How to proclaim the truth in a modern pagan era. Steve teaches how to be a bright light in cultural darkness.

Tim Staples: Black & White: Moral Clarity in a World of Gray. Tim examines the difficulties in our culture and how to overcome them.

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Patrick Madrid Ken Hensley Steve Ray Tim Staples Fr. Ben Luedtke Steven Piskorowski

This January 16, 2016, four nationally-known Catholic apologists and authors will come to Ss. Cyril & Methodius Slovak Catholic Church to tackle these and other questions at the third annual 2016 Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference (MAC III). Four talks…four opportunities to get equipped to show how Catholicism is firmly anchored in Scripture, history, and reason.

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