Glorious Mysteries

(1) The Resurrection of Jesus

     Early on Sunday morning, the holy women went to anoint Jesus' body with embalming ointments, but they found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty! He had risen!


(2) The Ascension of Jesus

     Jesus was taken up into the heavens until the disciples lost sight of Him in the clouds. As he rose, He promised to be with us all until the end of time.

(3) The Descent of the Holy Spirit

     Some time after the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. Filled with courage, they proclaimed the Word fearlessly in the streets, and many people were converted.

(4) The Assumption of Mary

     Mary is assumed into heaven bodily. "This day the Virgin Mother of God was taken up to heaven. The angels rejoice; they praise and thank the Lord." (Roman Missal)


(5) The Crowning of Mary

     Mary is crowned as Queen of Heaven. "Behold, you are raised above the choirs of the angels! Intercede for us with the Lord, our God." (Roman Missal)